Check Me Out!

Well hello good-lookin! My Name Is V Brown! I am full blooded athlete, diva, fashionista, and sales rack queen. I am currently attending IUPUI University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Being a college student comes its respective duties: staying up late, spending money I do not have, lack of sleep, numerous girl's nights, and keeping up with the latest fashion..of course!

I am so overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and excitement that I am able to bring my favorite fashion pieces, styles, and all the other fashionable things to you. I would like to broaden my horizons from how to rock a maxi dress (while being only 5'2) to color-blocking! Feel free to shoot me and email and I will gladly research every and anything you shoot my way.

Anyway..I am new at this blogging thing so let me say sorry now for not keeping up with blogs, updating the latest fashion, and getting back to my followers (follow me :)

So, how about you sit back, get something to drink, and stay awhile?